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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Parents of the Future?

I've rallied and railed against the mental health industry. Accordingly, I've received all kinds of e-mails and such from people, mainly women, who think that I'm the crazy one for questioning the mental health industry. I'm sure that if certain true believers read this journal entry, the same kind of thing will happen. Oh well. I know it's a problem to many that neither my children nor I (nor their dad) are on any type of pharmaceutical psychiatric drug. But I'm wondering for how much longer people like my family and me will be a problem? How long will the Busheviks or their descendants, the Clinton "Lizard Queen" (thanks Vox Day) and her husband, leave our family alone?

Really, we just want to be left alone. We do fine by ourselves.

But here's what happens when the government interferes. Parents completely forget that they're in control. And the elite love it when parents do this kind of crap. Let's say that the pharmaceutical companies depend on it. There's nothing better for government-funded business that moms and dads who cede control. Ah, socialism . . .

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