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Monday, March 5, 2007

Now, What's That Thing About Privacy?

Well, really there's nothing much in the Constitution about it, is there? Especially since, you know, that whole search-and-seizure/Fourth Amendment thing was thrown where, really, it needed to be--in the trash can!! Well, okay, it hasn't been officially thrown out, but try going on a plane without being having your articles searched, and probably seized, by some government official.

So, I guess it should be small news, considering the burial of Anna Nicole Smith's body and such, that privacy invasion is just dandy. You know, of course, that if you don't agree, well, then that makes you anti-Bush. Being anti-Bush makes you, well, anti-American!

My favorite quote from this article , which tells how official committees think privacy invasion is simply dandy, is
this one:
The privacy board members declined to comment on the proposed legislation. But they have made it clear that they believe the board works effectively in its current structure and that it could alienate the president if members took on a more openly adversarial role.

Now, that's saying a lot, especially considering these wonderful words:
A White House privacy board has determined that two of the Bush administration's controversial surveillance programs - electronic eavesdropping and financial tracking - do not violate citizens' civil liberties.

The article talks about no-fly lists, but after all, aren't lists that we may or ma not be on, for reasons that we can't find out, placed on there by people whom we don't know, for our own good?!? Don't you realize that safety is first? If we aren't safe, why then, we could alienate our president! You know, the one who's upheld the Constitution and given us back all the freedoms that we've lost in the past one hundred or more years. Well, it's hard to believe that anyone would decide against our great Decider. Evidently, members of the privacy board won't do it either. And who can blame them? As John Lennon would say, Imagine!

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