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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Adoption Propaganda

Last weekend, I was talking with Michelle at The Adoption Show regarding being a guest on her show. We talked for well over an hour and I'm afraid that I kept her East Coast lights on way too long (it was past 11:30 p.m. EST when we hung up). Nonetheless, as we both agreed, there are many, many issues involved in adoption, not the least of which is defeating the myth that adoption is a wonderful thing for everyone involved. Oh, Joy! Adoption agencies seem to be saying, while offering scholarships to moms who give away a baby.

While adoption truth tellers such as Michelle, who has over 25 people who want to be guests on her show, strive to be honest, the $1.5 billion adoption industry continues to make familial separation seem like the most wonderful thing in the world. Although Madonna didn't allow criticism of her taking a young child from his village to stop her from acquiring him, Angelina Jolie doesn't seem to follow in Madonna's footsteps, at least acquiring a child whose parents seem to be out of the picture completely. Of course, Jolie didn't think that maybe her millions of dollars would, perhaps, help keep a mother and child together, maybe even here in America. No, it would be better for this beautiful star whose public relations people have done an excellent job of making over her image since she and Billy Bob each decided to wear a vial of the other's blood. She's acquiring children left and right, making adoption seem like a very hip thing to do. No wonder so many of the 20-something girls that I talk with these days say that they'll "just adopt" if they feel too uncomfortable with the idea of bearing their own child. Celebrities such as Madonna and Angelina make adoption seem like a breeze. Their adoptees will grow up to be indebted to their adopters, never quite understanding why they don't quite feel whole inside. Mother and child separation is a real bitch; celebs should use their money to keep families together. Oh, but then who would promote adoption?

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