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Sure, I'm just another Southern Recovering Alcoholic NPR- and Sweet-Tea Addicted Comic Mom with Asperger's in the SFV, but I can tell you now that I don't necessarily fit the stereotype.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Holistic Families Of Wallowa County said...

Hi Tricia!
And how is my favorite comic mom today?
You know, I can't label myself so easily as most people do these days. Seems 99.9% of Americans have fallen into this "race" of liberal vs. conservative, Republican vs. Democrat. Depending on which one you label yourself you are considered friend or foe. This whole society of "good vs evil" is really indicative of the mind set of the American people. We are so ready to judge our neighbors, brothers, and politician gods based on this falsified idea of good and evil without taking a look at the real issue which is that the beast system, no matter which "side," is still part of the governing process which continues to enslave us. In the past, I have voted libertarian, but I continue to decline calling myself one because I know that in doing so, I will be labeled as some "radical, liberal" who holds protests and grows dope on the side. I do neither, though I wish to reserve the right to if I wanted to. I don't need some politician or government monkey (law enforcement agent) telling me that what I do is right or wrong. I have my moral standard and it happens to be higher than the socially acceptable. I don't need a governing authority, authorized by a society that worships sluts and pimps, to tell me what is right and wrong. Basically, I refuse to label myself a label created by a corrupt society.
If I must be labeled, call me a "freedomom," a mom who desires freedom from the chains of government, poverty, and delusion. ~Amie Freedomom

Thinking Mama said...

How wise are your words, Amie!

Thanks for writing them.