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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Now, Why Aren't You Homeschooling?

If this article doesn't make you want to homeschool, I don't know what will. If my child was being assaulted anywhere, public indoctrination camp or not, I'd take him right out of the situation. I'm not saying that these parents shouldn't be suing as well. But there is an easy answer to this problem: Take your child away from the government schools.

There are all kinds of ways to do this, even if you're a single parent. Joel Turtel's latest article tells one more reason to homeschool, or to place your child in a private school. His Web site,, says it all, including how to order his book. The book talks about all kinds of ways to make homeschooling work.

Why would a first grader's parent continue to keep his or her child in the government schools? To teach that child to be a victim? Because the child deserves less than to learn to the best of his or her ability?

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