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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Me and The Gun Thing

As with most people I grew up with, I never had a problem with guns. I pretty much taught myself to use a b.b.gun and I thought hunters should be able to hunt with anything that they pleased. However, I thought,
as this guy does
, that some amount of regulation is not only good but necessary. All thinking people, so I thought, feel this way. When my husband pointed out to me that guns are necessary to defend ourselves from government, I thought this thinking was bizarre. However, I listened. And thought. And read. Specifically, I started reading the Second Amendment and what it actually said instead of the interpretation that the government schools, et al. had taught me. I think that the wool has been and is being pulled over many people's eyes, such as mine, regarding this whole gun thing. We have forgotten, or never knew, that guns were to protect us from government and other possible intruders to our home and property. We have forgotten that we have private property. We depend on the police, who are allowed carte blance with guns to protect us instead of protecting ourselves. And we think it's okay if people go hunting with guns, but we don't trust citizens to do anything else. After more careful study, I don't think this is what the founding fathers of the U.S. intended. Slowly, carefully, the United Nations is trying to disarm us and arm only those who have been state-approved, such as police officers. Of course, the real thugs will always get what they need in terms of firearms. It seems to be the honest, law-abiding citizen, especially ones who don't want government to interfere in their lives, who are losing out on this deal.

Many thanks to Claire Wolfe's blog for this interesting information.

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