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Friday, February 23, 2007

Want a Free Country? Vote Ron Paul for President!

I was thrilled to find out that Ron Paul has his very own myspace page. Hooray! I received the following bulletin, which explains just another attempt at making him look bad. Mainstream media's version of this is concentrating on Hillary, whom Vox Day calls the "Lizard Queen," and socialists such as Mitt Romney, who so communistically made health care mandatory in Massachusetts. Excellent candidates like Paul are raked over the coals, when mentioned at all, for their rather old-fashioned views of limited government. You know, like those old-fashioned views in that old-fashioned document called the U.S.CONSTITUTION?!?

I know that many of my friends will automatically dismiss him because he is a Republican. But I don't care if he registers with the Space Alien Party, I've been following Paul for a while and would LOVE to see him as President. He disagrees with most so-called Republicans and votes for the Constitution. He'd get our butts out of the Middle East, that's for sure! He's also known, by the way, as the Taxpayer's Best Friend!

Here's the bulletin; Paul's myspace address is at the end:

Once again, your overwhelming support for Ron Paul has forced another online poll to resort to censorship. has removed Ron Paul because of "voter fraud" even though the site clearly states "as of Aug. 8, 2006 only 2 votes per IP address" will be accepted.

Worst of all, they have posted this picture of Dr Paul. [Thinking Mama Here: The picture did not post when I copied and pasted, but it is basically a picture of Dr. Paul, with "Voter Fraud" written on top of it.]

They should at least remove this picture immediately!!!

Please continue to support Ron Paul and tell everyone you know about this.

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