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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Et Tu, Suze Orman?

As Trevor Bothwell so overtly pointed out, Suze Orman has never had sex with a man. Fine. Well. Good. Although I do think I, if in her position (so to speak), would have at least tried sex with a man. Just once, anyway. Well, whatever, each to his or her own.

Because my second child heard Suze Orman almost everyday, from his conception to birth, I was intrigued by this story. Unfortunately, the station that carried Suze in Los Angeles switched to some horrid elevator-esque music and I have been left without her savvy voice, except for her television show, for the past four years or so.

I started doing a bit of digging on the Internet and found some stories that told the truth behind Suze's supposed savviness. Suze complains that she won't inherit her partner's money--nor will her partner inherit hers--if she dies. Suze uses this as an argument for gay marriage. My question is: Why isn't she, instead, holding up the Estate Tax, which is the reason why neither she nor her partner will receive each other's millions upon death, as the useless piece of crap that it is. Imagine the influence that Suze would have if she urged all her fans to contact their Congress Critters and demand that they do away with the Estate Tax. For good. But no, instead of being something that can help everyone, Suze completely misses this argument and instead uses her dilemma to do something that will push the state into more people's bedrooms: gay marriage. I'm for the state staying out of people's bedrooms, no matter who shares the bedrooms. Repealing the Estate Tax and other taxes that the government forces on us will allow true freedom. It's a real shame that Suze couldn't see the real issue here.

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