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Monday, February 19, 2007

And You Think It Couldn't Happen Here?

Even if you're not an Alex Jones fan, you should find this article interesting. Why is it that the more government wishes to track and monitor us, the more legislation passes for it to happen. What are you doing to stop it? Or are you thinking it'll never happen here?

It's funny that I saw, this weekend, in a California homeschooling magazine, an article about what's happening in Germany regarding homeschooling. The well-meaning author of the magazine article assured us that while we should be vigilant, we shouldn't worry too much, that parents are in charge of their children in the U.S. If we were truly in charge, however, government would not mandate such things as vaccines, schooling, and birth certificates. Likewise, if we're truly free, we would have a choice about being tracked and tagged. Most people aren't even aware of the REAL ID fiasco. Imagine how quickly the U.S. government could pull something like this over the sheeple's eyes. Unless we stand up now, it will soon be too late. Don't wait for this craziness to come to America. Make your stand now! Tell your neighbors now!

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