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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hooray for Mom and Dad!

Well, it seems as though the real parents won in this case, after eight long years:
As a reunited adoptee, I can say that yes, it would have been a bit jarring had I been yanked from the people who raised me and given back to my natural mom and dad, but in the end, I think it would have been beneficial. God and nature intend families to stay together!
It's interesting that in this particular case, it became an interest of the Chinese community. Yes, it was, and often is, a racial issue when children are separated from their parents via adoption. But it's more than that--even if the ethnicity is the same, the child is severed from the people who created him or her. All adoptees look at our adopters, no matter how wonderful they may be, and realize that we do not come from them.

The positive thing about this family is that, at least this little girl, thanks to a good judge, will not have to continue growing up with a family who is not her own. The supposed Christians who were supposedly helping the Chinese family initially took the child as their own. But why? Why wouldn't everyone rejoice and gladly give the child back to her natural family? Here's where, as is often the case, the adopters want the child no matter what. The adopters in this case weren't saving an orphan; they seemed to be trying to take possession of a child who wasn't theirs. Now, why?

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