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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From Fascism to Freedom?

Aaron Russo's new film talks about this very issue. It's good to know that people are on to the government's taking our income without due cause. Dan fills us in:

This is an excellent video of a juror who sat on a criminal income tax case. She tells how the jury went through an enlightenment process as the trial proceeded. The prosecution refused to answer the defendent's simple question: "Where is the law that requires me to file a tax return?" The judge was so obviously impartial that the jury was shocked. He also refused to give the jury the law that the defendent allegedly had broken (because there isn't one!). The jury finally figured out what was going on and acquited the defendent on all charges. This video could help other wrongly accused Americans if seen by enough people. Please share!


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Jade said...

aaron russo is now dead. apparently died of cancer..